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Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas Tree RecyclingEnvironmentalists usually have grave objections to the use of live Christmas trees. On the other hand Christmas enthusiasts often have reservations in using artificial trees. Some people buy live ones then replant them after use. However, this will not be the norm forever, they get tired of doing this or their yards get full. So, what is the best method for Christmas tree recycling?

One of the services that have come in to answer this question are being offered by city officials. They will offer to pick your Christmas tree or provide for the community a drop off center for this purpose. They will then go ahead and use the trees for various different purposes. Another way of recycling your Christmas tree is through mulching. If you have a wood chipper, you can have the chippings put around your garden plants or a compost bin.

You can have wild birds as you pets through the tree. This could be done by keeping the tree in your back yard. This could turn into a very effective habitat for the birds. Before doing so, secure the tree from wind in order not to have it falling on property or injuring someone. You may go ahead and start feeding the birds. This will encourage them to come. Another way for Christmas tree recycle is by using the tree as a hiding place for fish. This is if you have a fish pond. By placing pieces of the tree at the base of the pond you are likely to achieve this.

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Another probably workable way for Christmas tree recycling is by making special potpourri that will leave your house smelling fresh and wintry. This can be achieved by having the needle of the tree mixed with cinnamon, eucalyptus and dried orange peels. After covering for a week, you will probably have a sweet smelling house by strategically placing this mix in bowls around the house. This will give it a natural scent.

By using these simple methods, you would just avoid dumping your garbage and making a nuisance to other people. You also help save the environment as well as some endangered bird species.