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Is Christmas Tree your Seasonal Favorite Symbol?

Is Christmas Tree your Seasonal Favorite Symbol?To Millions the world over Christmas brings forth a time of Joy and Peace. This is symbolized by no other than the gaily decorated Christmas tree! It certainly is not a religious symbol and has never been so through out history!

Every festival what ever the reason behind it has a key feature which identifies it. This is in fact is the sole main pivotal source of fun. Take Halloween for example. It is the Pumpkin with its associated ghoulish features. During Thanks Giving the centre piece of the festival becomes the Turkey. And the list goes on and on. But during the greatest of all festivals, the Christmas, it is the Christmas tree in spite of the numerous other attractions it has. As children this singular feature showered you with many blessings of pleasure and so many years after you still find the same joy in passing it on now to your children.

True the sole spirit of Christmas is the message of peace and salvation the prince of peace brought to a world of sinners. But what better way there is to share this message with your loved ones than through love, fun, giving and forgiving symbolized by the Christmas tree!

Do you remember the days with the onset of the festive season when you mom would go down to the basement, take out the boxes that were brought there after the last Christmas for storage. Now dust covered she would clean it, perhaps with your Dad and the whole family helping, then would carry the dismantled Tree up to the living area and set it up. The joy of working together, the little ones running about to give a helping hand (as they believed!), watching it finally coming up to its full height. Decorating it with strings of tiny electric bulbs, mirrored balls, glittery foil decorations, figurines, shiny stars and what not. But the crowing glory was when mom would take the largest star which was waiting its turn all this while, climb up the ladder and fix it at the top. The star which would shine and convey the message of peace to everyone around from the top of the Christmas tree!

Now every one knew its only days for the seasonal joys least of which would not be what Santa is expected to bring all the way from the land of perennial snow.

It is said that the custom of having a decorated Christmas tree originated in the sixteenth century in the country now we call Latvia. No one knows for certain. But it is true that during the period of early Christianity there was no such practice! Over the centuries it spread over the other Christian kingdoms. Certainly the decorations would not have been what we use today and the trees would not have been of any synthetic material as now common. The fir trees used would have been found from the neighborhood it self. Cutting the branches down, dragging it to their homes and setting it up would have brought the sense of joy of working together, rekindling the spirit of Christmas the same way as we know today though so many centuries after.

The Christmas tree and the tradition of Santa Claus go hand in hand. You would certainly remember the excitement you experienced while waiting for Santa to bring the little Gifts you wrote to him about weeks ago. The ecstasy of seeing what you got would be beyond comprehension as an adult today. But the ambience of Christmas Tree would not be different today to what you felt then many years ago.

The times have changed when the fir tree came from the strip of forest in the neighborhood. Today only a lucky few get the real feeling of a natural Christmas tree. The others who may despise synthetic and non sustainable material too may have to go for the cheap Plastic Trees out of necessity. Regrettably the environmental impact these will be known only years later. One good thing about synthetic trees apart from the price is that they are recyclable.

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Christmas, a time for peace and joy is not symbolized by mistletoe and wine as the songsters make out but by the Christmas Tree sharing the universal truth of peace by the principle of give and take. So share it and enjoy. Merry Christmas to each and every one!

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