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Christmas tree SkirtsOnce you are through with decorating the tree, you will realize a gaping part that needs to be covered, the tree stands. Not having a Christmas tree skirt should not worry you. In fact, you should get your brain rolling. Creating a tree skirt for yourself is such an easy task and you will find yourself taping your back this.

You first should choose the particular theme you would like your Christmas tree skirt to take. Then you rummage through your old clothes, quilts and felts. This should be able to reveal to you specific materials that you think are best for your tree skirt.

Wrap the new Christmas tree skirt around the tree stand to achieve the desired look. Remember to do so putting into consideration the kind of colors you have used to decorate your tree. This will avoid instances of clashing the colors up. You should ensure that your Christmas tree skirt leaves enough room for you to access the water reservoir.
In determining the size of the skirt, you should put in mind both the sizes of the tree as well as the stand. In so doing avoid having your skirt being larger than the diameter of the tree. You should always tuck it in well to avoid accidents and mishaps.

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An elaborate Christmas tree skirt will tend to be everyone’s attention while simply doing it will blend well into the general design of the whole tree. If you need it elaborate, use shiny material that look more metallic and more brightly colored garments for this. For a simple colored Christmas tree skirt, you should choose general colors that are plain and neutral. These will work to conceal the skirt as well as the ugly tree stock or stand.

Doing your own décor, will give you the upper hand in being able to choose an own theme. Your friends and neighbor could be amazed at your creativity as well. The best of it all regarding the self made Christmas tree skirt is that you will not have to spend undue amounts of money. You can re-channel to money to other things you need during the festive season.

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