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Christmas tree WreathsChristmas tree wreaths provide a very good way of decorating for the Christmas holidays. They were first used by ancient Greek while they celebrated special occasions. Making a wreath should not be such a hard task. Especially if you are a flower enthusiast, this should be the easiest of tasks for you. First you need to get comfortable. Look for a comfortable place where you get plenty of fresh air as well as space.

You need a thin wire for this; sacrificing one of your hangers should do the trick. Other things you need are wire cutters, florist tapes and the flowers you need to put on the wreath. First, you create a circle from the triangular part of the hanger. This created a base framework for the Christmas tree wreaths.

You then cut the flowers into individual stocks. You then start laying the flower stocks along the wire to create a circular motion. You then use the florist wire or tape to wrap the stem to the wire. You then follow this step one by one until you have gone through the general circumference and the hanger wire is completely hidden. To create more fluff, alternate the angle of flowers on Christmas tree wreaths while making the initial looping.

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You then should wrap the hook in a ribbon to keep the aesthetic value high. A bow is also a good way to conceal this loop where the hook is. Your wreath is now ready for use and you can go ahead and hang it on the door.

You could get the flowers for the Christmas tree wreaths from numerous flower vendors. They will be able to tell you with the best offers as well as advise as to the best flowers that are suitable for wreaths. You can decide to buy your wreath forms for a puffier wreath. These come in many varieties and forms. You can get spoilt for choice to the best Christmas tree wreaths. One thing you should know however is that when you make your own Christmas tree wreaths, you get the chance of customizing your wreath.

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