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Christmas WeddingChristmas, as a season of dreams coming true to me, is one of the most romantic times of the year. Perhaps because of that magic in the air Christmas Weddings are so popular. If that special time of the year is magical for you too, probably you’ll like to plan a Christmas Wedding. It doesn’t really matter whether your wedding will take place close to the Christmas holiday, or you just want to have a Christmas Wedding theme, it is sure to be merry, maybe also thanks to the tips you can find below.

Red and green are typical colours for a Christmas wedding – It is quite possible that your church or reception site will already be decorated using these colours for other events and holiday parties. Your carefully chosen dress can nicely integrate withe the whole look of your Christmas Wedding. But don’t feel limited to these colours. Some other suggested bridesmaids dress colors are: silver and white, silver and light blue, burgundy, forest green, and possibly gold and cream.

When it comes to music you should consider getting in touch with a local Choral group if there is one. Many bands dress up for the holidays in Dickens styled clothing of the Edwardian/Victorian era. Often they sing authentic carols of that age. This could be a unique musical adventure for your guests, and would set the mood of the Christmas Wedding in a really special way.

Having a Christmas Wedding means that many churches are already decorated for the holidays which is quite a good money saving strategy. Also a clear white electric candles in the windows can be an eye-catching attraction for a night wedding. You can decorate the church driveway with paper bags filled with sand and candles inserted in the sand, that would appear to your guests as a luminary lining. Not only looks it wonderful, but it is cheap too…

Christmas Wedding Christmas Wedding Christmas Wedding
Christmas Wedding Christmas Wedding Christmas Wedding
Diane Warner in a book ‘How to Have a Big Wedding on a Small Budget’, tells of a wedding that took place two days before Christmas in which the bride had decorated the reception site using unsold Christmas trees she had been given for free from the tree lots. They had decorated a vast number of trees with many strands of white lights and had borrowed every tree stand they could find. The lights made a reception looking like it was in some winter fantasyland.

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