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Christmas Weddings around the World

Christmas Weddings around the World Christmas is a global festival to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. The celebration for this festive season around the globe is influenced by local traditions and customs of people. In this time of the year, family members get together so for couples who are planning to tie the knot hold their wedding during this season thus Christmas Weddings became one of the common features in celebrating the holiday season.

In non Christian countries like Japan, Christmas in a not so important occasion. However, people from the country even those who are non Christians follow typical Christmas traditions like putting Christmas ornaments in their homes and brides who prefer wearing white gowns during their wedding. In Ireland, couples are only allowed to have their weddings at the church or at the register’s office. In Italy, sugared almonds called “confetti” were tossed by guests at the Italian wedding. In a Mexican wedding setting, the guests at gather around the couple in the shape of a heart then the newlyweds dance their first dance together within this so called circle of love. In Poland, pinning of money on the bride’s gown is an old practice.

Churches, temples, castles, palaces, gardens as well as beaches are just some of the common places to conduct the exchange of vows of the marrying couple. Countries around the world offer numerous picture perfect settings for this special day. Adding to these is the spirit of Christmas which brings more joy and love.

No matter what are the ways in celebrating the festive season, people all over the world look forward to Christmas as the best time to restore the love and friendship. And it is evident that there are variations in the wedding customs of different countries around the globe. Yet it is united into only one initiative – that is to bind the love of two people until death do them part. Thus Christmas would be a perfect time to start a new chapter in the lives of those people who love.

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