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Christmas Weddings in Alabama

Christmas Weddings in Alabama Alabama is one of those States where snow does not usually fall. Even though snow only appears every once in a blue moon in Alabama, the snowfall there is typically a mere dusting of snowflakes which simply melt away entirely after high noon. You can just imagine how Christmas is celebrated in the State. Snow is usually part of the big picture when one wants to describe Christmastime. But in Alabama, Christmas comes even without the flurry of white snowflakes.

So what happens when a wedding is to be held during Christmas? Well, you have to admit, it will be a lot easier in finding a location for the ceremony because of Alabama’s lack of regular snowfall in December. If a Christmas wedding is what you had in mind, then by all means go for it! Even if it isn’t the usual Christmas that is traditionally white and chilly, you just have to get creative. Think of ways to symbolize the Yuletide season even if the surroundings aren’t wintry.

The wedding colors can still reflect the red and green hues of the current season. And the wedding cake can be made into a something that can obviously indicate the holidays, like a cake that looks like miniature gifts piled in an attractive design. The bride can pretty much wear whatever she wants, as well as her entourage. But you can have the church choir sing you a Christmas carol or two.

So in the end, having a Christmas wedding in Alabama need not be a dry event. A marriage ceremony is still a celebration of love, and whether it is snowing or not, a Christmas wedding is bound to be a memorable one simply because of its being held during one of the most special times of the year.

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