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Christmas Weddings in Albania

Albania, or the Republic or Albania, is a country located at the southeaster part of Europe. Like any other Mediterranean country, this country is also rich in cultural aspects dating from the early days of European civilization. Although modernization have already standardized modern living in this small country, the culture of ages past still continues to live on their songs; and one common theme in their songs are weddings. Christmas too is never forgotten in this country, and you may find people occasionally having wedding ceremonies during this joyous season.
Christmas Weddings
Christmas weddings in Albania, if we look at a modern perspective, don’t seem to be any different from any other regular wedding around the world. What makes it different is the atmosphere of the place where these ceremonies are held. Albanian Christmas is traditionally held by the whole family, like a joyful reunion that tightens relationships and bonds with each member, and brings the family even closer to each other.

Naturally, a wedding ceremony during Christmas in Albania will be held in the same manner, with all the family members gathering together, preparing feasts, and generally enjoying the celebration. Having the wedding ceremony done during this time will of course trigger the Albanian Christmas spirit that extends to each of the family members of the couple being wed. It then becomes a huge bonding ceremony, creating a lasting relationship with both families through the wed couple.

After the wedding ceremony, some newly wed Albanians tend to drive their cars across towns honking their horns, while another family member (also in a vehicle) catches on to the side, recording the entire event. However, you may have to find out for yourself what will happen if they are do such during Christmas.

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