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Christmas Weddings in Brazil

Christmas Weddings in Brazil Brazil is known for its famous samba, great football and the Amazon River. But when it comes to Christmas, there is more than what the eye meets. In sun-drenched Brazil, Christmas season is celebrated like how other countries in the globe do it – family get-togethers, gift giving, and sharing Holiday spirit. Though there is no white Christmas in Brazil, they still have a reason to enjoy the season – it’s having fun under the sun. Brazil, like other South American countries, celebrates Christmas under the summer heat. And when you’re planning to have your Christmas wedding under the sun, then visit the warm Brazil and experience the summer heat in the middle of the yuletide season.

For the wedding preparation, book a nice place to stay in. But since summer is perfect time for vacation, hotels and beach resorts are full so it is advised to book as early as possible. Outdoor weddings like beach weddings are one of the top choices in Brazil since it is summer. Rio De Janeiro beaches especially Copacabana are suggested to become the site of your beach wedding. For the family members and guests, there are plenty of beach resorts around the country including Fazenda Corumbao in south Bahia and the Nannai Beach Resort in the Muro Beach and a lot more. After the wedding, you can take your guests to the Iguaca Falls which is also a tourist destination in Brazil since it is said that December is one of the best time to visit it. Also, try visiting other cities in Brazil like Belam, Orelo, Ouro, Manaus and Brasilia.

A Christmas wedding in sunny Brazil would be a great experience not just for the couple but for the entire family and guests.

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