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Christmas Weddings in Sweden

Christmas Weddings in Sweden Sweden is a Nordic country on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. This country is known to be the most romantic place on earth because of its ideally romantic atmosphere. During December, the sun only rises for only about 6 hours. Though summer is considered to be the perfect time for wedding in Sweden, having it on Christmas to combine the special day with the joyful occasion is still a great experience to have a memorable Christmas wedding.

The striking landscapes, the forests, gardens, hills, coasts, lakes gives a perfect setting for planning a wedding in Sweden. Adding to these are the picture perfect towns of Uppsala, Visby, Lund and Stockholm provides you a wide option for your wedding depending on the couple’s preferences. If the couple’s wishes to tie their knot of the Holy Matrimony, they can go to Stockholm and hold their wedding at the Storkyrkan (Royal Cathedral) or the Domkyrka located in Uppsala. The Kungliga Slottet located also in the Stockholm which is known to be the largest palace in the whole world can be a great choice if the couple chooses to wed on a Palace. Also, if the lovebirds opt for garden wedding, they can head to Kungstradgarden and Botanic Gardens in Uppsala to name a few.

If you think that beach wedding ceremony sounds more interesting, the Stockholm Archipelago and the Ribersborg beach in Malmo offers a perfect setting. And if you want to have an ice cold Christmas wedding in Sweden, visit the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi and conduct your wedding at their ice cathedral.

Sweden still has many to offer for the Christmas wedding you’re planning. Though it may cost you much, the important thing is that you and you partner had a great unforgettable wedding day.

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