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Christmas Wood Crafts

Christmas Wood Crafts are used to decorate your home or can be considered as special Christmas gift items. These crafts can easily be designed by a novice to a professional carpenter. In this article, you will find some important information about different types of Christmas Wood Crafts.

One of the most important items in Christmas Wood Crafts is, Lighted wooden Christmas tree. It can be used to decorate your porches, garden, corridors or living rooms. This is simple to make and easy to decorate. Take a piece of plane paper. Draw a pattern of Christmas tree, cut it and then paste it to plywood. The plywood can be resized according to the shape of tree and then use a flat stand to glue it. The lights can be inserted by making some holes in the tree. A drill machine is used to make these holes. Poke different small lights through the holes, then paint the tree and stand with different colors.

A snowman door sign is used to bring some holiday entertainment at your doorstep. The shape of a snowman is made by cutting its shape from a thin piece of wood. A small sign-size piece from a thin wood can be used to write some greetings. Cut and paste it across the body of snowman. Then use colorful paints to paint the snowman and sign. You can write your family name or “Marry Christmas’ on the sign. A small hole is drilled on either side of the sign. Pass a piece of a craft wire; coil it to make an arch for hanging facility. Pass the other end of the wire from other hole, and then loop it around the already coiled section. In this way, you can add a new and unique item to your Christmas Wood Crafts.

Wooden stocking ornament is another addition to the Christmas Wood Crafts. It is prepared by drawing its shape on a piece of paper. Cut the paper according to the pattern and then paste it on a thin wooden piece. Write the name of your friend on the stocking and paint it with his favorite color and designs. You can add this new gift item to your old Christmas Wood Crafts or present it to your friend.

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