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Christmas Wreath Crafts

Christmas Wreath CraftsFor a long time, wreaths have been used by people as decorations during Christmas. In ancient Rome, wreaths were used as a sign of victory. During Christmas, people gathered wreaths and lit candles to show a sign that they had hope that the dull winter season will soon end and welcome spring. Wreaths were mostly made from leaves, twigs or flowers assembled into a ring shape. Christmas wreath crafts were made with the evergreens namely ivy, holly and mistletoe. These plants were used because they did not shed their leaves during the winter season. For Christians, the lasting and enduring nature of these plants assured them of life despite difficulties.

The most common Christmas wreath crafts are the advent wreaths, decorative wreaths, dried leaves wreaths and peacock feathers wreaths. Dating back to the sixteenth century, the advent wreaths were commonly used to represent the birth of Jesus. Decorative wreaths, peacock feathers and dried leaves were used for the purpose of decoration only. Most of these crafts had berries that represented the blood of Jesus and holly branches that represented the thorn crown that Jesus wore on His head.

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Christmas wreaths were and still highly valued Christmas decorations. They are used by different people for different reasons. Christians hang these crafts in their homes, on their doors and even in their places for worship. Today we have both natural and artificial wreaths. The natural ones are made of plant twigs, branches and flowers. Artificial Christmas wreath crafts are today made using any material including paper, plastic or eve metal. Christmas wreath crafts are still used today to decorate homes and churches and homes. For some people, these wreaths are just a way of making their homes, streets and churches have the celebratory feel. For others the most important wreath is the advent wreath which symbolizes the birth or coming of Jesus. Like many other traditional Christmas decorations, the Christmas wreath crafts have been and are still undergoing modification.

Most Christmas wreath crafts are handmade and have become a very common decoration today. As a matter of fact, people still believe that hanging them in their homes and on their doors could bring them good things. Do not believe this?

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