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Decoration Concepts of Victorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas DecorationsIt might be surprising to us, but history tells us that in the early 19th century, Christmas was hardly celebrated anywhere. There was literally no concept of a public holiday in the industrial sector. But with the passage of time, a noticeable transformation took place as far as Christmas celebrations were concerned. By the end of the 19th century, Christmas had become one of the most popular and commercialized event of the year in most parts of the world.

Many believe this transformation took place during the Queen Victoria rule in Great Britain, and her marriage to the German-born Prince Albert, which set the trend of Christmas celebrations throughout the country then. In 1948, a London newspaper published the drawing of a royal family, enjoying the celebrations of Christmas around a tree that was decorated in a way that depicted the childhood tradition of Prince Albert in his country. It was not long after this, when almost every home in the United Kingdom celebrated Christmas with a decorated tree in their homes. The Victorian-style Christmas decorations are widely seen and practiced in different parts of the world. And to add more innovation and colors to the celebrations, people can include the following activities to their preparations:

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  • You can decorate a wonderful Victorian Christmas tree with garlands of pearls, trimmed-feathered birds, silk roses and candles. Burgundy, pink and cream colors are most recommended.
  • As far as the entrance/front stairway of your house is concerned, to give it a Victorian-style look, decorate it with burgundy ornaments and ribbons. It gives a beautiful look when combined with the greenery and garlands.
  • Regarding the dinner place, decorate your dining room with the most beautiful blooms that you can afford and place them in the center of the dining room table.
  • You should cover the top of a mantel with boughs of greens. Arrange it with different fruits like pineapples, oranges, apples, berries and grapes to make it more colorful. For more variety, you can also use boxes to arrange the fruits at different heights. Cover these boxes with beads, ornaments and burgundy ribbon.

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