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Employee Christmas Gift

Employee Christmas Gift

I have never been bothered about what I give my employees for Christmas because me, the giver, as their boss, they can’t complain. Seriously speaking, I find that employees have always been grateful on whatever it is that I extend to them. For years that I have been self-employed, I have learned that these are the best Employee Christmas Gifts to give:


  • Cash Gift – Most of them would be very happy if you give them cash gifts. With the money that you have given them, other than their bonus, they are free to buy what they want for themselves. If you don’t know your employees pretty well, this is a fitting gift.
  • Grocery Store Gift Certificate – It’s Christmas and every one would be busy on list shopping. To appease your employees, you can give them certificates to use for grocery shopping. This will be a very big savings on their part, and a beaming employee will come back to work for you on January.
  • Department Store Gift Certificate – This will let your employees buy things that they want from the mall. A bag, a make-up set, a nice t-shirt, a pair of jeans… At least they have the freedom to choose their gift, and they would feel that you have given it to them.
  • Techie Items – If you have the money and can indulge on gifts, you can give your employees techie stuffs like cell phones, MP3 players or digital organizers. These are things that they can use both for personal and work-related. If you give cell phones, then, you can reach them anytime, anywhere. MP3 players are like USB’s in a sense that you can leave them video messages of your work instructions. Digital organizers are effective in schedule-making. All of these gifts can benefit you as their employer as well.

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These are the safest gifts that you can give your employee that will surely make them happy.

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