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Father Christmas

Father ChristmasFather Christmas or Santa Claus is the person that every child expects during Christmas time to come riding on his reindeer carriage across the sky bringing in their presents by coming down the chimney. In Christmas day, children look into their stockings to see the gifts that Santa has left for them.

Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas symbolizes Christmas event globally. When Christmas time comes, every shop and home has a picture of Santa carrying a bag full of presents for children. You can see pictures of Santa Claus or Santa Claus with his reindeer bringing in a whole load of gifts to children all over the world.

The myth of Father Christmas bringing presents has many a child wide awake late in the night to hear the tinkle of the reindeer sledge on which Santa will drive across the sky. According to the myth Santa Claus lives in the North Pole and has this huge factory there where presents are mad and then sent from there to all the letters that children who write to him. This story really brings out the true spirit of Christmas which is kindness, compassion, happiness and joy.

Shops that sell toys and items exclusively for the festive season have someone dressed up as Santa Claus in the shop greeting those who some in. Sometimes, children even request for them to pose in a snap. Most of us wonder how the tradition of Santa Claus began. Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas, who actually a bishop was living in turkey. He loved to children and would do things to make them happy He would give away presents to poor children, sometimes just throwing them through the window. When he died he was canonized as a saint and from here on the tradition of Santa Claus or Father Christmas began. Now this tradition is followed across the globe and everyone just relishes seeing this happy chubby figure bearing presents in pictures, greeting cards and posters.

Father Christmas Father Christmas Father Christmas
Father Christmas Father Christmas Father Christmas
Buying a Santa Claus teddy bear is something a child would love to have during Christmas time and it’s a great idea for a Christmas gift, you can buy adorable Christmas Santa Claus toys from toys shops and gift store close by during the festive season.

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