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Four Steps taken putting up Christmas Tree Candles

Christmas Tree CandlesDuring the Christmas time, putting up Christmas tree candles can be a daunting task that requires careful handling and a lot of safety measures to be into consideration. Putting up Christmas tree candles can be either a hazardous task or a joyous one depending on the procedure thus a few safety steps must be procured to ensure the safe and enjoyable Christmas holiday.

The first step involves finding the right tree that is fresh thus less prone to accidents, dried out trees are discouraged because they can catch fire easily in case of an accident; it should also be strong enough so as to hold the candles effectively. The blue spruce tree is best known for its strength thus the best for putting up Christmas tree candles. The second step involves decorating the tree with other items before placing the candles; all these items should be placed first so as to gauge the weight on the tree and see if it can still hold the candles that should be held close to the ends of the branches of the tree.

The third step involves purchasing the appropriate Christmas tree candles’ holders, the best being the spring clip candle holders that hold the candles in position for a long time until they melt away. With the candle holders, one can now place the Christmas tree candles on the tree with ease; the trick is placing the candle where there isn’t any flammable object above it. A test can be done by cupping one’s hand above the candle slowly moving upwards to ensure there’s nothing on the flame’s direct path; this test is very important thus must be procured for every candle mounted on the tree.
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The fourth step involves equipping oneself with a fire extinguisher close to the tree just in case anything hazardous happens. After that, the lightning of the Christmas tree candles can begin and the celebrations can begin by the counting of the number of candles placed on the tree which is a fun event that one can brag about. Remember to procure this steps as a team which is much fun and they can be there keeping an eye on the steps to ensure the safe placement of the Christmas tree candles.

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