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GE Christmas LightsChristmas lights are the essential essence of the Christmas celebration. Peoples around the world try to find their best possible ways for decorating and lighting the inner and outer part of the house. The GE Christmas Lights are among the most popular lighting gears around the globe. The lights of this particular manufacturer are well accepted and used for the inside decorating as well as the outdoor decorating.

In the year of 1892, the GE or General Electric Company was established. The company got their registration in the year of 1900. In that same year their first advertisement took place in the Scientific American Magazine. In that advertisement the company advertised for their lamps that could also be used for Christmas tree.

From 1903 to 1904, General Electric Company offered the people for a change in their Christmas decorating. In that time they recommended the first pre-lit wires specially designed for the Christmas trees. In the year of 1910, the GE Christmas Lights distributed across the world and they became a world wide manufacturer of light from a pear one.

1916 was an important era for GE Christmas Lights because in that year they first introduced tungsten filament in their Christmas lamp products. In the year of 1919, General Electric Company or GE started to supply their cone or flame shaped Christmas lamp made of with tungsten filament. GE replaced the round globe shape lamps with modern cone shaped lamps in the year of 1922.

In the year of 1927, GE introduced large and intermediate size base for the first time used in their new outdoor Christmas light bulbs.

In the year of 1935, General Electric Company or GE brought in candle shaped lights for the first time.

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GE Christmas Lights GE Christmas Lights GE Christmas Lights GE Christmas Lights

We can say GE Christmas Lights are very much related to the history of the modernization of the Christmas lights. You can find more information about GE Christmas Lights through any standard search engine.

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