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German Christmas Decorations

German Christmas DecorationsPreparations for Christmas begin before December falls in Germany. In German Christmas celebrations, the Christmas tree is a very essential part. It must be remembered that the decoration of Christmas tree was actually started from Germany. An unusual appearance of the German Christmas decorations is, children that cannot take a part in the decoration of the Christmas tree. Before Christmas Eve, it is assumed that the Christmas decorated tree has some mysterious magical charm for all the youngsters’ eyes. Therefore, on Christmas Eve, the Christmas tree is elucidated especially at the night banquet. Normally, the father keeps hide the kids in different rooms when the mother the decorated Christmas tree with angles, family treasures, lights, candles and tinsel brings out. When the decorations are finished, the Christmas tale is mostly read at this time, songs are sung, glitters are lit and presents unwrapped too.

For example suckling pig, “Reisbrei”, macaroni salad, white sausage and many other local dishes are the main dishes that are cooked in the Christmas Eve dinner menu. Here, the Christmas Eve is legendary called as “Dickbauch”, it is the fable of those people who don’t eat well dinner, on the Christmas Eve, will be disturbed by evil spirits throughout the night.

German Christmas Decorations German Christmas Decorations German Christmas Decorations German Christmas Decorations German Christmas Decorations German Christmas Decorations German Christmas Decorations German Christmas Decorations German Christmas Decorations

It is believed that German god Frey started the tradition of serving boar’s head at the Christmas. God Frey was responsible for all the welfare of cattle, and therefore was signified by the boar. Eventually, in German Christmas feasting, the tradition of boar’s head became impossible. Boars were dangerous to catch and hard to find.

The people took a lot of pleasure in food and drinks. Feasts are arranged and Champagne is offered to exalt. The ritual food has turkey with salads, tamales and Panettone, sweet bread which is particularly made for Christmas. People feel joy in dancing, and listening Christmas carols for the entire night with great food.
The ritual of offering and accepting gifts on Christmas day is typical. The two persons hug, kiss, say thanks and then accept the gift. This displays their love and honor for each other. This is something significant from other cultures.

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