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Gurley Christmas candleGurley Christmas candles are named after Frankline Gurley who was is famous for first designed and manufactured candles in the 1930s. At refining process, there was produced excess paraffin and so the candles were manufactured so as to use this excess paraffin. Initially, Tavern novelty marketed the Gurley candles but later he owned the company and marketed them at his own trade mark in the year 1949.

Gurley Christmas candles are very common in all types of stores both whole sale and retail, where by they are sold at discount prices. There are also candles for other occasions of the year but the most sought for collection are the Christmas and Halloween candles. They are popular just as the occasions have become popular and also their cost tends to be higher at these times than the time they were manufactured.

It’s funny though to realize that the Gurley candles were not meant to be literary lit thus the more use of electric candles. That is why most of the Gurley candles that are found in the current market have their wicks unlit. These collections were meant for display. They come in several forms and are in themselves a decoration as they have different shapes like the ones given a turkey shape, men and women who are pilgrims, the mayflower being an example among many more which are admirable and are unique by nature and form.
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The company has purchased candle molds and lately it is to make similar Gurley and Tavern candles which look exactly like the original ones. It is therefore important for those interested in making collections of the original candles to differentiate between the duplicate from the original.

The original candles have a Gurley label even though sometimes they fade and cannot be seen thus one has to bear in mind that the vintage candles are darker compared to the newer ones which are brighter in colour. Therefore any collector should be aware of this before engaging in the collection business which can be tricky if not given proper consideration.

Gurley Christmas candle is a part of decoration that no family should miss during this important event of our time.

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