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History of Electric Christmas Candles

electric Christmas candlesElectric Christmas lights were invented in the year 1879 by Thomas Edison using an incandescent bulb whereby, in New Jersey, in his laboratory which was in Menlo Park, he hung electric light outside it.

Edison’s friend Edward h. Johnson is the one who first implemented the use of electric Christmas lights in the households. He was also the president of a company whose founding father was Edison himself. This made a great change to the families at night and it has remained the routine for preceding centuries.

He organized on how to rig up a Christmas tree with the electrical lights in 1882 for the company and invited the press into the occasion and it turned out to be a live coverage of electric Christmas light. With the press impressed, an impressing message was passed over to the whole world and this has turned out to be a culture to most people both Christians and non Christians.

Later the tree was regarded as Johnson’s tree which was referred to as the most hand some tree in the United States.

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The tree and the light’s movement was a decoration by itself. With a combination of different colours, the lights would be turned on and off at intervals making it the most magnificent tree ever. Mr. Johnson made it possible to stop the trees motion yet not putting off the lights by dividing the current from the large dynamo.

Initially, installing of the lights and all the services of an electrician was not easy for many while the rich would show off by lighting the electric Christmas tree light at parties and so in the year 1895, Grover Cleveland ordered that the white house light a big Christmas tree with Edison bulbs which would illuminate the whole neighborhood and thus all had to feel equal both the rich and the poor. It made a great step and later the stores made it possible for all to buy because keeping the prices high would have meant that the light be bought by the minority rich and majority poor live without.

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