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The History of the Polish Christmas carol

Polish Christmas carol‘God is born’ is a very special polish Christmas carol that is exquisite in both composition and rich in European culture. These types of carols are known to have a similarity to the Nationalism of Polish where it is said that every Pole’s soul is said to be happy at any polish Christmas carol. The history of these carols begins during World War II where a number of these carols were published so as to help the Polish Red Cross during the distressful times. Before these publications, these carols were not heard of in any other country except Poland and it was Captain Jan Sliwinski and Major Teslar’s opportunity to introduce thee amazing carols to the rest of the world.

These two gentlemen published many of these carols as much as they could remember and even requested for translations were it was required. Due to this, every polish Christmas carol became famous, and their popularity hasn’t died down up to today. Every polish Christmas carol was sung from church to village sending the message of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. These carols were not used as prayers as suggested by the Captain when publishing them but they show the relationship between the Polish country, its expressions and habits to the way Joseph treated Jesus and his wife Mary. Due to this implication of an relationship between these two phenomenon, a polish Christmas carol arose that lead to the status of these hymn songs rising above all as the best National Christian Hymns.
Polish Christmas carol

The polish Christmas carol is also known to have a relevant history in Vienna where a polish Christmas carol was an acknowledged sign of exile that a soldier passed through yearning to go back home to his family. These carols were sung by many during the World War II and they served in many foreign lands as refuge and comfort. Some of the best of the carols are the ‘Merrily is Bethlehem’ that was one of the oldest that is still sung up to today, ‘God is Born’ which is the National Hymn of Poland during the Christmas season and ‘Pastiche’ that is a small introduction to ‘Merrily is Bethlehem’.