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Home Made Christmas TreeThe air is filled with excitement and joy when Christmas is around the corner. Billions of people globally wait for this season with the intention of making it enjoyable and memorable. It goes without saying that a preparing and decorating a homemade tree as a family is one of the most memorable things you can do during the festive period.

There are certain tips of making a homemade Christmas tree look elegant and outstanding. The first and most important step is to choose a tree with the right shape. The base branches should be thicker and close to each other, this should reduce as you get to the peak of the tree which should be thin. In shot your tree should be triangular in shape.

Real trees make very attractive Christmas trees. The problem is they may need a little more attention that artificial Christmas trees. This is because they need to be watered so that they do not lose the green and weather before the festive period is over. To make it easy for you to maintain a homemade Christmas tree, make sure you plant it firmly in a big vase. You will need to water it more often during the first three days or so. You can reduce this after that.

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Once you have your well shaped and firmly planted tree, the next step is to decorate it. You can relax as the hard part is over. Decorating a Christmas tree is a walk in the park if you have everything in place. There is a list of what you will need; Christmas string of lights, garlands and Christmas tree ornaments.

Using multi colors bulbs when decorating your Christmas tree, is a practice that has been there for a long. Many people still deem them as the most interesting to use. Today a fair majority thinks of it as old fashioned; the modern style is having bulbs of similar color. You may choose to buy a fair amount of ornaments in order to make your homemade Christmas tree look more interesting and attractive. Homemade Christmas trees give the liberty to make different designs and themes according to your style and taste.

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