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How To Make Christmas Gel Candles

Christmas gel candlesMaking Christmas gel candles is very easy provided there are the appropriate ingredients available to make them. The procedure depends on each individual according to one’s particular design and layout. Crafters make these Christmas gel candles depending on the manufacturer’s desire thus buying from them can become monotonous so making one from scratch can be enjoyable and the result attractive due to the creativity incorporated in the procedure.

The ingredients used to make homemade Christmas gel candles include a glass object, wick, candle gel, latex gloves, embed objects, colorants and fragrance. The gel can be purchased from craft stores; it is recommended that one buys the gel because it is easier than making the gel from scratch even though there are recipes available to prepare them. The procedure for making the Christmas gel candles begins by preheating the glass object in the oven for at least 10 minutes at 48 degrees Celsius; this is done if one wants bubbles to appear in the gel.

The next step involves adding colorant to the gel and mixing it according to specified instructions on the packet, the same procedure is also applied to the fragrance; this finally produces scented Christmas gel candles. An inch of the mixed gel is then poured into the glass objects then the embed objects are added and arranged according to the individual’s desire of the candle’s layout; all this time, the latex gloves have to be worn.
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The embed objects that are used to make the Christmas gel candles can be ceramic, pinecones, glass candy pieces, a glass Santa Claus or wax pieces that will float on in the gel. After the addition of the embed objects in their secure locations, the rest of the gel is poured into the glass object about two centimeters from the top. The gel is then left to cool and when it starts thickening, the wick should be placed slowly until it almost touches the base; a non waxed wick is preferred because wax would distort the appearance of the final gel candle. After hardening of the gel, the candle is ready to use, the only thing left is to turn the glass object upside down and cut the wick one centimeter above candle. Finally mounting the Christmas gel candles and lightning is the last step that begins the celebration of Christmas.

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