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Jamaican Christmas Traditions

Jamaican Christmas TraditionsThe most important time in a year for Jamaicans is Christmas, as well as for the other countries who also celebrate this time only for few days in an year, at hand there are few things which Jamaicans hold close and give them as a present at Christmas time. Here is the list of 10 topmost Jamaican Christmas traditions (of the existent).

1. Dinner on Christmas Eve

A huge Christmas banquet at the evening/afternoon of Christmas day is the most important activity. Starting from rice and Gungo peas to mutton and vegetable salad are the spirit of menu.

2. Partying and additional proceedings

Christmas period is a most wanted interval in a year for all Jamaicans to enjoy by going on various events like office parties, huge stage shows, and themed gatherings.

3. Shopping and buying presents

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There is not a single Jamaican who criticizes on the Christmas on this eve while shopping or buying gifts for their loved ones rather they are sort of incomes they will still find money from somewhere and buy decorations, presents, foods and much more and make the Christmas eve interesting for their loved ones.

4. Sorrel drinks

This is the favorite dark red Christmas drink and is used specially only at Christmas Eve.

5. Enjoy eating the Christmas cake

Everyone uses their own family recipe for the Christmas cake, and bake numerous times till the moment comes.

6. Hearing Jamaican Christmas hymns

Indeed there exist Jamaican / reggae forms meant for the popular Worldwide Christmas songs and other.

7. Night Figure on Christmas Eve

At night according the old belief all Jamaicans with their family always go to Church on Christmas Eve.

8. Beautifying home and yard

They beautify their home and yards with Christmas ornaments, colorful lights and other accessories as well.

9. Magnificent Marketplace

Public carnivals and casual shops around the weekends of Christmas eve are still very popular.

10. Jonkano (John Canoe)

This is the customary Christmas celebration (since the times of slavery), through celebrators walking over the roads dressed in interesting masquerade dresses. Now this movement is not as general as it was before.

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