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Japanese Christmas Traditions

Japanese Christmas TraditionsAround everything is diminished in Japan. However, some of the shopping centers attempt to attract the consumers with huge Christmas trees which nearly touch the roof in this way they try their best to become unique from rest of the shops.

According to the records the first Christmas in Japan was celebrated with a Frame held by Jesuit missionaries in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1552. By looking at American celebrations for Christmas, Christmas gatherings were held and gifts were exchanged between loved ones. However, there is no national holiday on Christmas Eve in Japan. Whereas, now it has become a holiday for couples to spend time together and enjoy this event with each other. On behalf of young children’s, the only thing in their mind is to receive gifts from “Hotei-osho”, a Buddhist holy man who is equal to Santa Clause for Japanese. For some Japanese people there are two dearest activities, the first one is to beautify their houses through ornaments e.g. gingerbread men, Christmas trees and decorate the outsides through colorful electric lights of Christmas it can be the outdoor or yard and the second one is Christmas banquet which must have baked chicken and shortcake of strawberry or whipped cream which is known as “shottokeki”, other than this you can also find a wide variety of delicious Christmas cakes in the store or bakeries.

Japanese Christmas Traditions Japanese Christmas Traditions Japanese Christmas Traditions Japanese Christmas Traditions Japanese Christmas Traditions Japanese Christmas Traditions Japanese Christmas Traditions Japanese Christmas Traditions
Carols are played all over the place, at times in Japanese accent. Confusion on the side, this matter should have a thoughtful look on the day off traditions. On Christmas in a superbly neon-lit shopping center there were kids giving out leaflets regarding X’mas drama shows, I heard a guy snarl on the poor children, “this isn’t the real sense of Christmas, Christmas is a event of family, rather than all this”. I am aware of the fact that the Christmas is now being commercialized but should we blame the retails stores who with their best efforts to sell their products for living. Also parents have to surrender while buying a gift of few thousand yen which will bring a little energy and smile on the face of your small ones.

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