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Latin Christmas TraditionsChristmas is celebrated with religious zeal and enthusiasm, where the religious holiday is based on the story of Christ child, the Nacimiento. In Latin America, the event of Christmas is recognized with the names of Las Posadas, Navidad and Dia de los Tres Reyes. The customs and traditions of the inhabitants these areas are highly based on the Latin influence of arrival of Roman Catholicism hundreds of year’s ago. Special types of food are made on such a special occasion of Christmas. In addition to that, special occasion songs are also a part of the Christmas traditions of Latin America which adds to the festivity of the special religious festival. All the festivities and the traditions are decorated with the special bright flowers and special ornaments for Christmas. This religious event provides the native people with the opportunity of great celebrations with culturally rich traditions, where the whole country is filled with enthusiasm and joy, music, specially composed Christmas songs, parties, special occasion food items, lights and decorations.

The culture and customs of Latin people are highly influenced by the oral traditional tales regarding the arrival of Roman Catholicism, and about the native people i.e. African Slaves and Spanish colonizers. They celebrate the religious festival of Christmas in the form of certain events and traditions including Villancicos, Las Posadas, Novenas and Noche Buena.
Villancicos refers to the especially composed Christmas songs which are full of religious enthusiasm and excitement and the poetry is based on the theme of celebrations and announcements for the arrival of the Christ child.

Latin Christmas Traditions Latin Christmas Traditions Latin Christmas Traditions Latin Christmas Traditions Latin Christmas Traditions Latin Christmas Traditions Latin Christmas Traditions
Las Posadas and Novenas are the special events which are celebrated in some Latin countries. These events are celebrated before the Christmas day i.e. from 16th December to 24th December. These celebrations are meant for rejoicing the time of Mary’s pregnancy, and preparing for the celebrations of the night of arrival of Jesus. They celebrate the event of Christmas as an event of blessing and reflection. Although the events of Las Posadas and Novenas have the same origin, yet there are some certain differences between them as every country and every region has its own customs and traditions and its own way of celebrating their festivals.

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