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Mantle Decorations For Christmas

Christmas Mantle DecorationsWhen it comes to decoration, leave nothing un-attended! Yes, that’s equally true for a traditional fireplace mantle as well. Various styles and themes are used for decorating the mantle as follows:

  • Traditional – This is a theme used since many years. It’s usually a combination of pine boughs, silver bells, red ribbons and garlands. This style is used when a simple decorative look is preferred. A single garland can be suspended from the above hanging in front of the mantel, with evenly-spaced red bows for a simple touch. Tiny little silver and gold bells can be spread around the garland to make it slightly colorful yet simple. Apart from this, colorful stockings, use of few large candles in front of the mantle, holiday-themed statuettes and snowmen will enhance the overall look of the mantle decoration and yet it will remain simple and traditional.
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  • Elegance – This decorative theme is basically a combination of various holiday themes to give a elegant and decent look to the whole mantle decoration. A thin, delicate silver garland can be draped with crystal snowflakes in front of the mantel. Addition of small white candles with glass votive holders can also enhance the overall theme. Finally, inclusion of a large snowflake ornament suspended from above the mantel gives the final touch of elegancy to the whole mantel decoration.
  • Modern – This theme of mantel decoration is now used as a modern way of decoration or innovation. Most of the themes nowadays are experimental, at times wonderful, sometimes not. But still, people, especially the younger generation, come up with new ideas regarding the mantel decoration themes. If you want to give your mantel a modern look this Christmas, then you can: decorate the upper front of your mantel with a thin, red ribbon. Then place a large glass vase right in the middle of the mantel. You can fill this vase with various ornaments, gold balls, handmade items, balls and bulbs, etc. Anything that adds to the color will do. And last but not the least; you can place a silver votive candle at the top of the shiny balls in the vase.Try any of the above decorative themes, and you will see that even a good mantel decoration can enhance the overall Christmas look.

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