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Mexican Christmas Crafts

Mexican Christmas craftsMany countries all over the world celebrate Christmas in different way according to their own traditions and cultures. Similarly the way Christmas is celebrated in Mexico is different from that of USA or United Kingdom hence Mexican Christmas crafts are also different from other parts of the world.

Like all over the world Christmas in Mexico is celebrated on 25th of December each year, however there Christmas celebrations start 9 days prior to the mentioned date, , during these days Mexicans tell their children Christ’s story not only by word but also with the help of a Christmas play. Similarly different

Christmas crafts are also an integral part of Mexican Christmas celebrations.

The most popular part of the Mexican Christmas celebrations is a craft called Piñatas, the figures made from paper-Mache or clay. Colorful papers are used to decorate these Piñatas from outside. After decoration children play a game using them. In equal chances children are asked to break it, the child who is able to do that wins and game and gets sugar candies and chocolates as reward. Some of the other Mexican Christmas crafts are given below.

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• One Mexican Christmas craft is “Christmas star” that is made by using tin. These stars are mostly of steel color and contain holes in them that allow lights to pass through the starts making them even more beautiful. One star is made at one time and with extreme care.

• Christmas stocking is another craft that is made from tin. The children in Mexico believe that if they fill those stockings with the weeds then the three kings will definitely fill those stockings with gifts for them whenever they will travel by their homes.

• Mexican people also decorate their homes with special Christmas ornaments that are round in shape. These ornaments give a special festival feeling during Christmas days.

In the end I would like to close the article by saying that Mexican Christmas crafts have universal appeal. These crafts are made for the Christmas lovers all over the world and not just for Mexican people. Anyone who loves to decorate on Christmas occasion can use Mexican Christmas crafts.

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