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Miniature Christmas TreesDuring Christmas, many people come up with various ideas for parties. Miniature Christmas trees parties are not an exception. These are small tree like figures that are mad from commonly recycled materials in the home. Making this on your own gives you the upper hand where creativity is concerned.

While making miniature Christmas trees, you will not need to invest too much on the project. It is very cheap process and should not take too much time too. To begin with you will need cone shaped Styrofoam pieces. You will also need a pack of metallic gift paper. A wooden wreath made from grapevine wood is also important. You will also need the help of ornaments to do this.

You will also be required to purchase glass stones. For the snow picture to come out clear, it is important to have a couple of mini sized garland. You will also in particular mini star ornaments. You will need to refer on stuff on the internet net for example snowflakes confetti. A hot gun and straight pins are also required.

To begin with, you start with the metallic twist paper. This will be tied around the Styrofoam cone. Does this as you wait to fully cover it with straight pins. Then you take the glue and make the metallic twist paper you gum them together using the gum. This will create a sturdy base for your Miniature Christmas trees.

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The third and final step begins from gluing the garland around the ornaments and stones. Confetti should be glued together to cover some of the remaining spaces. After this, you are a step away from your new miniature Christmas trees. All you need is to now place the star on top and glue it together to the rest of the body.

In so doing you can involve your friends or family to help you out. This can be done in form of a tea and miniature tea party. It is also a good way to interact with the family and particularly bonding with the children. They will not only learn how to create miniature Christmas trees but fundamental creative skills.

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