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Nigerian Christmas Traditions

Nigerian Christmas TraditionsChristmas is Nigeria is extensively a get together and is observed with family members and friends. Even if Nigeria hallmarks an aggregation of various cultures, the country has the retention of embodying and mingling all the slants into one national identity. Hence, Christmas becomes a crucial part of Nigerian culture. Nigeria is kindled with adorable decorations and lights during Christmas. Christmas in Nigeria is really an important catastrophe for Christians. Therefore, it is always exalted with great gusto. Nigerian Christmas traditions are escorted with assuages mix of glance and deep lightness. Christmas is a national holiday and is mostly extol in southern and eastern segments of Nigeria. Everybody goes to church on Christmas day however; Nigerians do have some customs, which are rare to them.

People commerce presents during Christmas. Christmas songs are illustrious and they are heard from the every Christian house in Nigeria from the starting of December month. As per etiquette, on Christmas Eve, animals already purchased are slaughtered and traditional meals are prepared.

Most popular meals in Nigeria include rice served with tasty chicken curry, which is same to the chicken stew. Fish, chicken and prawns are also included in the conventional meal. Streets and houses are illuminated during Christmas in Nigeria. Christians in Nigeria also arrange big fetes to exalt Christmas festival. Christmas carols are sung and new dresses are worn. People enjoy Christmas feasts in Nigeria with drinks.

Nigerian Christmas Traditions Nigerian Christmas Traditions Nigerian Christmas Traditions
Nigerian Christmas Traditions Nigerian Christmas Traditions Nigerian Christmas Traditions

Spurious Christmas trees are bought, decorate and placed in the houses, restaurants, shops and hotels. Christmas in Nigeria evidently can’t be completed without Christmas cake, which is the most important thing during Christmas. Christmas cards and gifts are sent to family members, relatives and friends during Christmas. Kids also apprehend gifts from Santa Clause.

Palm foliage portends peace in Nigerian tradition. The country of Nigeria is rich in traditional plays. There are various plays to be perked at many different occasions. In exalting Christmas fete. The drama team caper with a bay in hand portending the new born bay Christ, God’s libation to mankind. Suitors accept that baby doll and present gifts to the participants of the drama.

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