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Nightmare before Christmas

Nightmare before ChristmasNightmare before Christmas is a stop motion holiday film directed by Henry Selick in the year 1993. The concept of the film was based on a poem and a drawing made by co-producer of the film, Tom Burton. This film actually released by Touchstone pictures, a division of Walt Disney Company, however not directly under the brand name due to its inclusion of darker element in the film.

Theme of the film

The film ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ is based on the theme of Christmas and let people understand its valuable significance. It demonstrates the intrinsic value of knowledge and requirement of clear understanding. Nicely packed with full time entertainment, the film symbolically expresses all essential ingredients related to Christmas events. Nightmare before Christmas puts a strong emphasis on the individualized and unique treatment of each holiday. Every holiday has its own great significance altogether.


Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King, is the main character of the film ‘Nightmare before Christmas’. He lives in Halloween Town. He loves to celebrate Halloween. With due course of time, Jack gets turned off all these things. He wishes something new, something really exciting. One day, while hanging around with his dog, zero, he finds several doors within the woods. He selects one of the doors, a way to enter ‘Christmas Town’. Jack visits the inside of the town and gets very excited after seeing all the events. He comes back to his own town and shares all to the residents of Halloween Town. However not every aspects related to Christmas are truly understandable by Jack himself. He assigns different responsibilities to different people living in the Halloween Town with a wish to celebrate Christmas in Halloween. Sally, the secret admirer of Jack, discourages about all his plans. Nonetheless to say, Jack does not listen to her and ultimately brings disaster with crooked toys and Oogie Boogie’s interference. All his efforts to be a ‘Santa Clause’ run into vein, while gaining an absolute wisdom and appreciation of reality.

Nightmare before Christmas Nightmare before Christmas  Nightmare before Christmas
 Nightmare before Christmas  Nightmare before Christmas  Nightmare before Christmas
Other known facts

The film, Nightmare before Christmas, belongs to animation genre and the approximate runtime is 1 hour and 16 minutes. All its soundtracks are available on Walt Disney records. The language of the film is English. The voice for Jack was recorded by Chris Sarandon and Danny Elfman, for Sally it was done by Catherine O’Hara and Ken Page recorded the voice for Oogie Boogie. The treatment of the film is purely entertaining and it is indeed a great family film.

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