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Origin of Christmas Tree

Origin of Christmas treeWhen Christianity came into life, plants and trees that stayed green throughout the year had a different importance for individuals in the winter. Determine the olden times of the Christmas tree, since the initial winter solstice festivities, toward Queen Victoria and entirely the approach to the yearly lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree.

How does this came into existence

Just like today when people beautify their houses throughout the celebratory season by means of pine, spruce, as well as fir trees, ancient peoples hung ever popular branches over their outdoors, windows and yards.

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In the North hemisphere, the shortest day and lengthiest night throughout the year falls on 21st or 22nd December and is known as winter solstice. People of old times believed that the sun was their god and the winter only comes when it becomes ill. They start celebrating the solstice as for them it meant that the sun god is getting well.

The most basic stories connecting back to Germany is regarding Saint Boniface. In 722, he came across some pagans who were almost going to sacrifice a new born baby under a huge oak tree. He coped down the tree to prevent the child from being sacrificed the sacrifice and a Fir tree raised up at the base where the child was. He at that time said everybody that this beautiful evergreen, through its branches is pointing towards heaven, was a blessed tree – tree of Christ child, in addition to a sign of His promise of everlasting life.

Another story regarding the origin of the Christmas tree states that in the late Mid-centuries, Germans as well as Scandinavians positioned evergreen trees in their homes or outside their doors which tells that the springs is coming soon. Study obsessed by customs of numerous cultures indicates that greenery was often fetched into houses on the period of the winter solstice. The evergreen trees were also brought into houses in the course of the ancient Germany banquet of Yule, which traditionally exists from the beginning of November and lasts for two months.

Whatsoever story you desire to pass on, keep in mind that Christmas is the Eve to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The fact can’t be change by the foundation of Christmas tree.

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