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Paper Christmas tree OrnamentsDecoration of Christmas tree is an earnest and joyful motion of the Christmas season. Beautiful Christmas ornaments are easily attainable in the markets during the Christmas season. People of all ages have massive joy in illuminating the orthodox Christmas tree with these illuminating ornaments. You can also reuse old newspapers and magazines in order to create paper Christmas decorations, which is in fact the real pleasure of decorations. Such Christmas ornaments save your cost and have their own traditional ways, which represents your choice and depict your emotions. Another advantage of paper ornaments is that they are much sounder for children than other glass or plastic ornaments due to being non-exhaustive.

You can make your own paper Christmas tree ornaments by following few advices mentioned below:

  • First of all, split a page out of a catalog or a magazine. Make two half folds. Now, in order to make the creases visible, unfold this paper and divide it into eight equal rectangles.
  • After you have cut out the rectangles, convert these into squares. You can do that by taking one corner of each of these rectangles and folding the corner to the inimical elevation. Cut the extra margins of the paper at the base of the triangle.

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  • In half, fold the triangle and then unfold it. Fold the paper in half by the newly made crease. You will see that this will make a rectangle. You can now make a square shape by again folding the paper in half.
  • Next step would be; unfolding the paper again and ridging it in half in order to give it another rectangle form.
  • Bend the two sides in, so that it makes two squares. Unravel one corner and you will see it making a triangle on one side. Fold the triangle in between to make two triangles. Rerun the same process for the other side.
  • On each square, groove the overlaps in, so they meet in the center. Untie the triangles and stamp on them. Crease the triangles areas by ridging the corners.
  • Follow the same steps and create more pieces. Attach the pieces together by corners with glue in order to creare a circle and allow them to dry.


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