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Recycled Christmas craftsOn Christmas festival people all over the world send cards and give gifts to each other. Home decoration on Christmas is also part of the tradition that makes the Christmas festival more special. However the decoration cost is high in financial terms and also leave bad impact on the environment. One way to combat this problem is to make these decorations and Christmas crafts from the material that has already been discarded. Christmas trees have always been a part of tradition. Initially the trees were decorated from barriers, candies and candles. These days these trees are also being decorated with lights. However the problem is that these decorations are very expensive. As mentioned earlier it is also a tradition to send Christmas cards on Christmas festivals. It has been estimated that each house hold on average will send 30 cards each year which means that billions of cards are being sent on Christmas each year. It means that billions of tons of paper is required to make these cards. In order to combat this problem paper recycling is being encouraged all over the world and these days most of the cards are being made from recycled paper. This recycling not only saves a lot of cost but also protects the environment.
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There are a lot of other things that you can also make from recycled items apart from new Christmas cards. For example you can recycle the greetings cards that you received last year into ornaments, coasters, gift tags, decorative boxes and a lot of other things as well. This not only save a lot of dollars but also give you and your children a lot of opportunities to apply your creative ideas. There are a lot of other Christmas crafts that can be made from recycled materials. For example you can use empty chip cans, empty plastic cups or wooden spoons to make Santa Claus. You can give these Santa Claus as a gift to your children and other family members. In the end I would just write that purpose of Christmas crafts is to enjoy the true spirit of Christmas, however Christmas crafts made from recycled material not only serve the above mentioned purpose but also save a lot of your money as well as protect the environment.

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