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Romanian Christmas Traditions

Romanian Christmas TraditionsThe most important part of Romanian’s Christmas is their carols that are very special in their nature and poetry. They are not easy to understand nor are they simple enough to be understood. These are the special Christmas songs with the religious origins, sketching the picture of blessings of God, the concepts of Heavens and the concept of rewards after death. These carols are also composed of tales based on how bible describes the birth of Jesus. These carols play a part of creating a spiritual unity and also acts important in spiritual healing. These carols describe the greatness of Jesus and virginity of Mary. The carol singers prepare themselves for the day of Christmas in the form of chorus and then on that eve, the move in the form of chorus to the streets and towns, singing the especially composed carols. They always have stars made of board material in their hands and paper on which biblical scenes are painted with water colors.

On the first Christmas day, the chorus of children moves in the streets and towns all over the cities, singing the chorus and having stars and water color painted biblical scenes in their hands. On that page, the painting may have an icon showing virgin Mary, child Jesus.

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According to Romanian tradition, a pig is cut with a very sharp knife, five days before the Christmas day comes. This tradition is popularly known as “Ignatius” from St. Ignatius. This event is celebrated on 20th of December. A special feast for this event is also a part of this event that is called “pig’s funeral”, in which, after cutting the pig its nose is stuffed with straw and it is covered with the burning straw in order to burn it. Then after it is completely burnt, it is nicely washed and covered with a piece of linen for sometimes. The housewife then comes and cuts it, and then the husband of her comes and puts a cross on it. Then the whole family gathers around it and says “let’s eat the pig”, and starts having pig’s funeral. All the friends and family are invited to this special feast and they eat the pork and skin of the pig and take wine as a drink.

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