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Snowflake Wedding Cake

Snowflake Wedding Cake Winter sets the general mood of a cold ambience and a frigid atmosphere. The themes that can be associated with the winter cold can mean motionlessness or apathy, but can also mean solidity and purity. But snowflakes are commonly associated with the winter season, and although it’s cold, it does not fairly represent what the winter season does. They instead represent purity, the completion of an intricate design that gently falls down to earth as a white haze.

The common idea of a wedding cake is a big white towering cake that is divided into different layers, with each layer getting smaller as it reaches the top. If the wedding cakes are commonly white in color, then we can apply the pure white theme of a snowflake to a wedding cake. This then combines a wedding cakes’ ceremonial purpose and the snowflakes pureness into what is popularly known as a snowflake cake.

Snowflake cakes are quite common whenever speak of a cake with a winter motif. These cakes are commonly sprinkled with different intricately designed snowflakes that are meld onto the cakes icing; most are edible, and some are not. Of course, the decorations that can be done to these kinds of wedding cakes aren’t just limited to white snowflakes scattered around the cake. There are also several variations of the design, and some even deviate from the white theme of the snowflake itself. There are also some pure white snowflake wedding cakes that resemble snow when they are viewed at a distance!

But regardless of the design, snowflake wedding cakes are a good choice for couples who want a good memory of their wedding in a white and pure form of a snowflake.

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