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Spruce Christmas treeThere are many choices to consider before settling for the best and most preferred Christmas tree. Before you embark on buying a spruce Christmas tree, it is advisable to check on the popularity of the tree from websites who are ready to offer this. If you have a favorite among the trees then it should not be such a pick and shovel affair for you.

There are various points to consider before settling for the best Christmas tree variety. The cost is the main thing here. However, apart from that, needle retention, appearance and general body strength is very important for many families. That is why the spruces are amongst the most favored of all Christmas tree varieties.

The White Spruce is the most preferred holiday tree. This is necessitated by good looking needles that the Alaskan shows. Most of its leaves are silvery green. Most people say they prefer the White Spruce Christmas tree over the rest due to the ease of decoration it offers. The branches are very strong. Moreover, the needles take a while before they could fall off.

Another popular of the spruce Christmas tree is the noble Fir. The tree also has a very well rating as far as decoration and needle retention. It is very attractive from its deep green color. It blends very well with the red color. The spaced branches provide good and easy way to hanging ornaments.

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Colorado blue spruce is another effective spruce Christmas tree. It is shaped into a more defined pyramid. It has an amazingly strong branches as well as trunk therefore amazingly good with heavier ornaments. The needles have a shade of blue that blends well if you intended to have a bluish theme.

Of all the spruce Christmas trees, it is the Norway spruce that breaks into the rank of most popular. This is because it is affordable to many people and smooth and soft needles. It is preferred more for the kids since they do not injure easily. The downside of this spruce Christmas tree is the amount of needles dropped within a few days. To avoid this, water it regularly.

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