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Swedish Christmas crafts

Swedish Christmas craftsThe Swedish people love to celebrate and enjoy fully the traditions by making special decorations. Christmas provide children with an opportunity to make fine-looking christmas crafts.These crafts can be used to beautify their houses. The St.Lucia crown is made and worn in the memory of St. Lucia, a Swedish girl she lived in 4th century. sheforfeited her life due to her Christian faith. In her memory, the adolescent girls of each family wears a white robe along with a sash and a crown on her head. These girls then distribute home made cookies and candies to all people. This crown is made traditionally with branches taken from berry tree and it is very specific to sewdish christmas crafts.

The beautiful white and red heart is made from colured soft paper. Two handles are attached to it.The lovely heart is loaded with candies and hung in home. Another exquisite swedish craft is the Dala horses which are made from hard wood, paper, clay and soft wood. The horse’s body is coloured red and their seddle in white, blue, green and yellow.The Dala horses are of great interest to the young swedish children.
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Another sweden’s traditional carft is to make paper chains. Paper chains are made from golden or silver foil and are used to decorate doors in homes and also as tree festoons. In order to make these, special patterns are traced on a paper and then the paper is cut.Paper chains can be made more enchanting by making rectangular links or circular links.

The straw star is the most beautiful christmas craft made by children using straws of wheat and red cotton fiber. The use of straw in the Christmas crafts of the Swedish people symbolizes fertility of the soil and their passion to use this soil for growing wheat. It portrays that the Sweds are look ahead for the onset of spring and harvest which will make their lives happy.

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