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The Irish Belleek ornaments

Christmas is always a season that is adorned by many kind of ornaments and decorations, especially when the actual day becomes nearer and nearer. Christmas for all people around the world has been a festival of delight and joy, and nothing warms the heart during this season than gazing at some of the most wonderful ornaments from the different countries around the world. In this article, we going to discuss one of the most common Irish Christmas ornaments, the Belleek Christmas ornaments.

Irish Belleek ornamentsBelleek Christmas ornaments are intricate ornaments that have designs mainly themed for the Irish Christmas season. Designs can range from a variety of different choices, from wreathed doors, to decorated plates and even teddy bears “bearing” a Christmas motif. Of course, some of the more iconic designs still come from the traditional Christmas ornaments that we are all familiar about.The word Belleek actually came from the name of a place in Ireland (Belleek, Ireland), where this specific type of china was introduced in 1857 by john Caldwell Bloomfield. As you can probably see in the actual ornaments, the molding process is quite simple, and the actual process of making has never changed since its first introduction.

They are actually only sold in their “perfect states”, which means that any flawed products is usually destroyed and is never put to resale unlike other china companies. In addition, all of the decorating techniques used after molding the china, like the paint decoration, are hand-made (so any repeating pattern won’t actually look like a photocopied design), which makes them perfect heirloom decorations for you to pass over to the next generations to come.So, if you happen see any Christmas ornament that’s made of some kind of china with shamrocks all over it, look more carefully, it might actually be a Belleck Irish Christmas ornament!

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