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Types of Christmas Trees

Types of Christmas TreesThe real and artificial Christmas tree can be bought both from local chain store. The best place to get a real and crude Christmas tree, and also to see a wide range, is likely a Christmas tree farm however. Using latest technology, selection of a Christmas tree can also be achieved via online transactions, through telephone as well as by mail-orders.

The Fraser Fir may be the best holiday tree. Its adorable 1″ needles are silvery-green and smooth to the touch. Because there is space between the branches, the Fraser is easier to illuminate than some trees.

The Noble Fir is immense green in color and has admirable branch shape. Boughs of this tree are often made into fresh crowns. Its branches are strong yet the needles are not too sharp to enhance easily.

A Colorado blue spruce has a perfect pyramidal look with sturdy limbs that can hold heavy ornaments. The Blue Spruce is known for its lovely blue wreaths which can also appear silvery. If your illuminating idea does not include this bluish tint, this tree may not be right for your home.

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The Grand Fir has a bright dark green color with needles that are 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. This tree is flowing to the touch and may not be able to hold heavier ornaments. It’s an adorable tree that grows as high as 300 feet and it’s becoming more famous for homes. When selecting a Christmas tree most people choose a fresh tree for its aura, which can be strong or just indistinct. Such trees include Douglas fir, Balsam Fir and Eastern White Pine which fragrance is relatively low then others.

You shall want to wear gloves when illuminating a Scotch pine, since its needles can be sharp as pins! Also, due to sturdy shearing, there may be little space between branches for ornaments. It prevents drying and if allowed to become dry does not drop its needles.”

The Norway spruce is an adorable tree but does not hold its needles well, and should be bought just a week or so before December 25th. The National Christmas Tree Association states that the “overall color of Norway spruce is fair to excellent, but needle retention is considered poor unless the trees are cut fresh and kept properly watered.”

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