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Unique Corporate Christmas Gifts

Corporations nowadays compete for their client’s attention and one of which is showing their clients that they are not forgotten especially during the yuletide season. In the same manner, mass gift-giving for employees by their corporate heads should be something meaningful but need not be expensive. Here are some ideas for Unique Corporate Christmas Gifts to clients and employees


A Christmas greeting card or E-card is commonly done and ok. Make sure to state the client’s name on the card. Never send a mass-produced generalized card. It will come out very impersonal and cold.

You can send your clients a freebie bag with your company’s supplies in it. A bag with your stationary, pen and paper holder will do just fine.

If you are a service company, it would be best to send your clients gift certificates on your services such as 50% off on a particular service or you can just extend it for free. This is a wonderful gift.

If you are a manufacturing company, give your clients a taste of your new products.

If you are a food company, send out the same.


Cash gifts would be the excellent gift you could give your people.

Extended Paid Vacation day is another valuable gift to receive from an employee’s point of view.

If you are inclined on healthy living, you can give your employees (and clients too) baskets of healthy products, such as organic tea, fruit preserves and many more. The presentation of the gift need not be elaborate.

You can give female employees potpourri kits. What smells nice is nice. Another nice suggestion would be Toiletry sets in different scents. Liquid soaps, massage lotion, cologne and talcum powder of various scents like Lavender, Vanilla, Musk, Lemon, Strawberry, Peppermint etc…

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