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Vintage Christmas Crafts

Vintage Christmas CraftsChristmas vintages are of various kinds; these might be Christmas vintage cards, vintage lights, or other crafts.The Christmas vintage cards remind one of old- traditions of Christmas, these hold great importance even today. These provide the old ones with an opportunity to relive their times of Christmas. The Christmas vintage cards have various images on them.

These might be some snowy situation, a family playing in snow, a snowman with kids. In Victorian era, the vintage Christmas cards had landscapes on it. Regardless of the design of cards, these are so fresh that they remain attractive years after years. These images drive ones attention and make the mind to think about the various possible stories behind them. These vintage cards are simple, sweet and honest way of conveying the deeply felt love and feelings to your near and dear ones.

Another way of celebrating the Christmas in a retro way is by decorating with vintage Christmas lights.

Vintage Christmas Crafts Vintage Christmas Crafts Vintage Christmas Crafts Vintage Christmas Crafts Vintage Christmas Crafts Vintage Christmas Crafts Vintage Christmas Crafts
Vintage lights are a clever way of impressing your guests and family, especially if you are planning to celebrate it with your grandparents. The history of Christmas light dates back to 1800. The trend of lights became common around in 1900. With the passage of time, the vintage lights kept of developing. They were introduced in various types, and shapes.

In addition to these, the Christmas vintage crafts include pomanders and luminaries of tin cane.
In order to make pomanders, the requirements are a citrus fruits, needles along with some cloves. Follow the few simple steps to get the pomander of your choice. Take the fruit and prick it with needle to make holes in it. You can prick in different shapes. Insert one clove in each hole. Leave it to dry for 2 to 3 weeks.

Luminaries of tin cane are both creative and long lasting. It needs hammer, tin canes and nails. Take canes of varying sizes, remove the labels and wash them by boiling water. Add water and allow the water to become ice. Once solid and hard, mark the templates of your desired sizes on it. Hit it with the nails, to form holes. Leave enough space between holes. If you wish to hang these, then make another hole on the top. These are the Christmas vintage crafts, which always add to the fun of Christmas.

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