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Vintage Christmas Ornament

Christmas is just around the corner. Almost every household have decorated their homes with any Christmas symbol they may think of. Christmas lights and a dancing Santa or singing elves are what we usually see in the stores now. But no matter how advanced technologies are, our personal preferences may be and even our society thinks, what better way can Christmas be celebrated by doing it the old-fashioned way?

Vintage Christmas OrnamentDecorating our houses with vintage Christmas decors are more exciting than the modern one. Vintage Christmas ornaments are those which symbolize love, peace, joy and hope. They are usually smaller than the modern ornaments. Some are made up of glass, paper, plastic or wood. They are usually in soft colors or they can even be a hand painted one .If you grew up in 50’s, 60’s or 70’s, surely you will recognize one.

Most if the vintage Christmas ornaments have deep meaning. Example, the star on top of the Christmas tree represents the star that led the three kings to baby Jesus in Bethlehem, the fruits represent full harvest and if Santa visited you and gave you a gift that means you are a good girl, or a good boy. Surely, the best example of a vintage Christmas decor is Santa Claus. Even children from centuries ago know Santa Claus. He is a guy whom every child dreamed of and whom they love to see in person. The children never get tired of waiting for him every night. Another example is a Christmas tree that is used as a decoration centuries ago. You can put personalized items in the Christmas tree, or even candies or old toys.

Some countries surely do have a variety of collection of antique Christmas decors. From elves, reindeers, Santa clauses, decorative ornaments that symbolize peace and love, and stars, be it a Christmas tree topper or the pretty lantern that is placed usually outside the house. As they say, it doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as the spirit is there! And vintage Christmas decors will surely make our old love ones make Christmas a memorable one.

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