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What Christmas Cards to Choose This Christmas?

What Christmas Cards to Choose this Christmas?Who was the first person to send a Christmas Card ever? Well it is on record that the first commercially produced Christmas card was commissioned by Sir Henry Cole on UK and produced by a person by the name John Callcott Horsley strangely enough not much different to what we come across as cards today. The year was 1843. Henry Cole who introduced a Penny Post system a few years earlier would have had other motives than spreading the Christmas message it self. Anyway the message though a bit Christmassy, depicted a family party scene with the participants (which included a minor) partaking in wine! In spite of this Henry Cole is said to have made good money by selling over 4000 copies at a shilling each!

Many complain today the Christmas Card has deviated from the theme it is supposed to carry namely the message of Peace on Earth as discoursed by the son of man. In a way this is also true. But come to think of it, it never started that way as seen in the first Christmas card! The trend was prominent through out the early years when the pictures were essentially non Christian in nature (depicting pictures of flowers, fairies etc) though there was always a message on Christmas merriment.

However this does not mean all Christmas Greeting Cards were made that way. Even before the Henry Cole’s first card came in to being there would have been exchanges of Greetings by post as the British post services have been in existence for nearly two hundred years by that time! These would have been mostly on religious themes during the Christmas Season as the exchanges were between close associates and relations. A predecessor was the Business Card which was more to the theme of the occasion.

Christmas Greeting Cards come in several different forms and shapes such as;
Commercial or Business greeting cards- Commercial Greeting card has been in use much before the formal Christmas Card. The purpose was to improve the relationship a business organization has with its clients. It carries a short message in the form of a Christmas and New Year greetings.
Though the aim is primarily commercial in nature the contents rarely show it. Many commercial organizations currently use standard greeting cards which are of course professionally done, over laid with their own message for best affect.
Official greeting cards- The official greeting card said to be an idea of Queen Victoria of the British Empire long time ago is currently vastly popular among the world’s politicians and their subordinates. The messages are hardly religious and the graphics generally refer to some achievement or other of the sender.
Charity Christmas cards- The charity Christmas card is more in line with the real spirit of Christmas. As the name itself depict the purpose is to use the opportunity to raise much needed funds for charity. Even those who would not consciously contribute to charity would be indirectly induced to do so through these programs. Undoubtedly a worth while arrangement when you want to buy your Greeting cards this Christmas!
Home Made Christmas cards- Many of those who are disgruntled with the much commercialized nature of the present day Christmas Card lacking in the real Spirit of Christmas in the themes as well as in the messages, have resorted to making their own. This has been much facilitated by the availability of modern digital technology at domestic level. No doubt, your Christmas message originating from within your own heart can be imprinted on the card only when you make your own.
Recycled Material Christmas cards- Today many are conscious the environment we live in. Recycling, green products, sustainability etc. are very real issues in the modern world. In a way what god made is being changed by the man the same way Adam did at the beginning of it all! If we are conscious of the message of Christmas, one way we can pay due respect is by respecting the creation itself. Seasonal greeting cards made with recycled material certainly help one in this regard!
E- Cards- Though you can’t really feel with the sense of touch, the virtual cards have gained grounds in leaps and bounces! Environmentalist too favors these cards as it serves conservation. Come to think of it, you can take a print and display it on your Desk Top if you really feel that way! One other advantage is that these are available free of charge. Hope and pray any how that these won’t go the Spam bin way!

Finally it must be said what ever your choice is, and what ever your sentiments are sent your Christmas Cards in time. They do help keeping the Spirit of Christmas alive what ever the religious beliefs one has. Also do not forget the all important message of Christmas, Peace on Earth and Salvation for the mankind.

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Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo!

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